Diary of a shopaholic: How to cut down your spending (and still shop)

Happy Monday!

After having shopped some of the Target sales over the weekend, I figured I’d share some tips on bargain shopping for all of those shopaholics out there. As much as I love high end brands, it’s not realistic for me to spend my money on them on a college budget. Don’t get me wrong, that hasn’t stopped me from shopping, it’s just stopped me from splurging on items I don’t need to splurge on. I wanted to share some tips because it can be hard sometimes to realize that you can get something that looks almost exactly the same, for less than half the price! If you’re already spending the money on something you don’t need, you might as well save and get the cheaper options! 

Don’t splurge on versatile, basic closet staples

PicMonkey Image

This is something I’ve learned working retail and keeping up with a lot of different bloggers. When it comes to versatile tops like this, why spend $40 when it is nothing extravagant? I bought a top similar to this one at Target for $10, and there are others like this that cost $40 or more. It makes much more sense to buy a top that you can’t get anything like, or can’t get similar for less. I really appreciate that $30 extra dollars – and the tops look almost identical anyways!

Stock up when there are big sales

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I just got two pairs of these wedges from Target in each color because they were only $9 and I could not believe it! I figure if I get more for less during sales, it’s better than splurging getting less for more when there aren’t sales.

 If you have something specific in mind, search for cheaper options that are almost identical 

PicMonkey Image-4

As much as I LOVE seven for all mankind jeans, I can’t afford to buy them. So if I’m searching for a pair of dark wash skinnies, I do my research or go to an H&M or Target. When I bought a pair of dark wash skinnies from Target that were on sale for $9, I didn’t expect much from them, but I ended up loving how they fit and got tons of compliments on them, people almost expected them to be a high end brand. The jeans pictured on the left are these from H&M and the ones on the right are these 7FAM from Nordstrom.


I have these from Charlotte Russe and love them – they are really similar to these Steve Madden ones.

PicMonkey Image-3

Although these may look quite different, when you’re wearing them, they won’t be next to the designer pair and no one will be comparing them. I have a pair of OTK boots this color from Target and I love them! The ones on the left are these from Target and the ones on the right are Steve Madden OTK boots from Nordstrom.

PicMonkey Image-2

Target honestly has some of the cutest bags that look almost identical to some Celine bags and other designers. This one from Target looks really similar to this Rebecca Minkoff tote.

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